What In The World?

This Site, earthplanet.ca, is about the Globe, the Earth Planet that rotates along with other planets around the star which provides us with energy suitable for human life & the many associated life forms.

I have other sites which I link “canadashines.ca” (press) & afaircountry.ca (press).

Both sites are about Canada but only mentioning those countries on planet earth that have connections with Canada.

Sustainable Development

Hard to say & harder to achieve. Very hard because there are many components where each analyst is likely to offer a separate solution. Even though a solution is hard one must be found & made to work. Start by reading a UN report:

Here is an end of 2019 United Nations Report Link (press).


Here starts on 23-02-2020 an optimistic series that foresees all countries working together in harmony. Impossible is the cry. Essential is the answer. Just mentioning one of the many reasons is a space planet colony, something to think about creating because earth planet resources are said to becoming depleted.

“Together” in each & all of many ways as implied in the naming of “United Nations (UN)” & indeed this section “Together” ties with the UN initiatives. There is a nasty, impossible but. It is beyond the power of us human beings to make an immediate reality of togetherness. I fact all is beyond reality so let us pick a single small part & adopt a fantasy solution. Pick, pick, pick & here comes a first choice “Sustainable Population”. Not simple but worth a try.


Here is a Link to the current information on COVID-19 (press).

The occurrence of this virus shows implications of causing a global depression. Should this happen there could be many consequential deaths as many people on earth live close to poverty.

Squabbles (Global)

The World (Earth Planet) is full of squabbles. Only the few that have a global effect are listed here & are because “Our world has become so interconnected,” (says Jia Wong, deputy director of the University of Alberta’s China Institute).

No one country but all are involved in the solution to Global squabbles.